SALLAH JOY: IMWON Brings Smiles to Orphans and Widows in Kaduna -News Panorama


Zakari Haruna - Kaduna

With the anticipation of Sallah festivities filling the air, the National President of the Initiative for Muslim Women of Nigeria (IMWON), Malama Mariya Nasir El-ladan, has extended a heartwarming gesture to over 100 orphans and widows in Kaduna state, spreading joy and hope in the spirit of the season.

Malama Mariya's compassionate act aimed to ensure that these vulnerable members of the community could partake in the joyous occasion of Sallah with dignity and happiness, just like any other Muslim celebrating across the globe.

Recognizing the struggles faced by orphans and widows, especially during festive seasons, Malama Mariya emphasized the importance of supporting them to alleviate their hardships and bring smiles to their faces.

Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, IMWON has been tirelessly working to provide essential food items and beverages to underprivileged Muslims in various mosques and community centers. This recent distribution of food and clothing is an extension of their commitment to serving those in need.

In addition to the staple food items provided, each recipient received new clothes, including wrappers and rice, accompanied by essential cooking ingredients to help them prepare delicious meals for their families during the festivities.

The generosity of IMWON has not been limited to Kaduna state alone; similar distributions have taken place in other states across the northern region, ensuring that widows and orphans throughout the region can celebrate Sallah with renewed hope and happiness.

Grateful recipients, particularly the orphans, expressed their heartfelt appreciation to IMWON for their kindness and urged other Islamic organizations to also remember the less fortunate during festive occasions.

Maman Abdul, a widow from the Mando community in Igabi local government, Kaduna, shared her gratitude for the support received, highlighting the challenging circumstances faced by many widows in caring for their children amidst prevailing hardships. She called upon well-meaning individuals to continue supporting vulnerable members of society, emphasizing the transformative impact of acts of kindness during times of need.

As Sallah approaches, IMWON's noble initiative serves as a beacon of hope, spreading joy and compassion to those who need it most, embodying the true spirit of the season.

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