"4th EIU Policy Dialogue Focuses on Agriculture and Rural Economic Development" -News Panorama


Zakari Haruna - Kaduna 

The Kaduna State Planning and Budget Commission hosted the 4th Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) Policy Dialogue at Silversand Hotel Ltd, Katuru Road, Unguwan Sarki, Kaduna State. 

The event brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including policymakers, academics, civil society, the private sector, media, and students, to discuss critical economic issues and explore best policy options for the government.

The Commissioner for Planning and Budget Commission, in his welcome remarks, stressed the importance of the Policy Dialogue in fostering collaboration and driving economic growth. 

He highlighted the EIU's research-driven approach to strengthening policymaking, service delivery, and good governance, and its national significance in shaping economic discussions at the National Economic Council, Nigeria Governors' Forum, and the President's Office.

The dialogue focused on Agriculture and Rural Economic Development, two critical pillars of the government's SUSTAIN Agenda, and aimed to identify actionable strategies for the government to achieve swift progress towards its vision for a prosperous populace. The event featured open discussions, review of relevant publications, and exploration of policy options and solutions, fostering collaboration between policymakers, stakeholders, and the public.

The Commissioner expressed gratitude to all participants and emphasized the importance of collective wisdom in driving positive change for the well-being and prosperity of Kaduna State and Nigeria. 

The dialogue's report is expected to equip policymakers with the necessary knowledge to formulate effective policies for the state.

The 4th EIU Policy Dialogue demonstrated the government's commitment to open governance, citizen engagement, and collaboration, and sets the stage for future dialogues to address critical economic and social challenges facing the state and country.

In an interview, Bashir Abubakar Ladan, Director of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Head of the Economic Intelligence Unit, described the policy dialogue as timely and a crucial step towards achieving the present government's sustained agenda to develop the rural economy of farmers. 

He highlighted the significance of agriculture in the state, which is the second largest contributor to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and supports over 70% of families in Kaduna State. 

Emphasizing the importance of the forum's dialogue, Bashir Abubakar assured that the outcome will be made available to policymakers, enabling them to formulate sustainable agricultural policies that will enhance the rural economy. This collaborative approach will foster inclusive growth, improve the livelihoods of rural communities, and drive economic development in the state. 

By leveraging the expertise of stakeholders contributions and harnessing the power of data-driven insights, the government can create a more prosperous future for all citizens. 

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