Muslim Clerics Visit Wind-Storm Destroyed Churches in Southern Kaduna & Sympathize

In a heartwarming display of unity amidst adversity, Islamic leaders reached out to the Christian community in Kasuwan Magani, Southern Kaduna, following the recent windstorm that ravaged several churches in the area.

Led by Imam Akilu Mohammed, a delegation of Muslim leaders visited the affected churches to express solidarity and strengthen interfaith bonds, embodying the spirit of mutual respect and harmony among diverse religious groups.

Accompanied by Mallam Abduljalal, Imam Akilu Mohammed personally assessed the extent of damage inflicted by the windstorm, which also affected residential homes and mosques nearby.

This compassionate gesture underscores the collaborative efforts of Imams and pastors in Kasuwan Magani towards nurturing a cohesive society, laying a foundation of peace and unity for generations to come.

In a touching act of empathy, Imam Abduljalal and other Muslim scholars sympathized with their Christian brethren, joining them in visiting the damaged churches and residences, offering prayers for protection against future calamities.

In response, Reverend Danjuma Mazadu Makama, a prominent figure in peacebuilding efforts, expressed gratitude for the support received from the Muslim community during this challenging period.

He emphasized the vital role of love, peace, and unity in fostering positive interfaith relations.

During a Sunday service at Kasuwan Magani, Reverend Makama urged both Muslims and Christians to embrace peaceful coexistence, emphasizing the need to transcend religious divides in pursuit of harmony.

Acknowledging the extent of the damage, Reverend Makama clarified that six churches, not three, were severely affected, with plans for the repair of two.

He also noted the specific name of one of the affected churches, correcting it to “Deeper Life Bible Church.”

Expressing deep appreciation for the visit, Reverend Makama conveyed blessings upon the Muslim leaders for their gesture of solidarity.

The affected churches, including Grace Baptist Worship Centre, Deeper Life Bible Church, Assemblies of God Church, Living Faith Kasuwan Magani, ECWA II, First ECWA Kasuwan Magani, Redeemed Church Kasuwan Magani, and Living Faith Ungwan Philly Kasuwan Magani, joined in prayer for sustained peace and unity within the state and the nation as a whole.

Looking ahead, Reverend Makama announced plans to reciprocate the goodwill by visiting the Muslim community during Jumma prayers, aiming to further strengthen the bonds of peace and understanding.

In closing, he underscored the importance of extending sympathy to the Muslim community, recognizing that mosques were also affected by the windstorm, reinforcing the shared responsibility of supporting one another in times of need.

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