Chief Naval Staff Spikers Sinks All Adversaries in Volleyball battlefield

...."CNS has all the encouragement to top leagues" -Commodore Pindar Adamawa Spikers to maintain unbeaten posture

Zakari Isah, Kaduna

The CNS Spikers have continued their dominance, yet to lose any match in the ongoing National Division 1&2 Leagues Finals in Kaduna.

Their latest casualty was the young Adamawa Spikers team in the division two game held at the Gymnasium Hall of  ABS, Stadium.

The game which started 120 seconds before 7 PM saw CNS Spikers taking the first Initiative scoring several points before a response from their opponent, Adamawa Spikers.

Maintaining the momentum was easy for the Navy team considering the motivation the team had been enjoying, a statement that was well stressed by the CNS Spikers' Coordinator and Chairman  FCT Volleyball, Commodore Aliyu Pindar, "the Navy has returned with a bang because, under the able leadership of the Chief of Naval of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Awwal Zubairu Gambo CFR has encouraged the team and provided all the logistics as you can see and we have been in camp and the teams are well prepared both the male and female categories and I can assure you that we gonna top the leagues".

The CNS Spikers leave up to their billing and did not disappoint its fans, posting 25-18 at the end of the first set, and delivered a better performance in the second set 25-16 while 25-20 gave the CNS Spikers a three-zero major count.

The CNS Spikers' Coordinator, Commodore Aliyu Pindar in an interview expressed delight over his team's continued dominance in the league.

"I really feel great and elated, we told you that the Navy has returned with a bang and will not stop until we top the leagues and see ourselves in the premier league division".

"Of course yes, we stand a chance in the premier league, he was positive that the Navy teams stand a chance in the Apex league, "I must tell you that even most of the teams in the premier league are scared that the Navy is coming" and I assure you that when we are playing in the premier league we also going to top it".

The CNS coordinator gave a pass Mark to the officiating of the ongoing leagues, "well, the officiating to an extent I gave it a pass Mark, however, is not a perfect thing there are minor errors which I believe they observed and would start to correct" 


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