Arewa Consultative Progressive Forum Faces Challenges and Seeks Solutions

By Abubakar Abba

Abuja, February 25, 2024— The National Publicity Secretary of the Arewa Consultative Progressive Forum, Hon. Ahmed Tijjani Mustapha has candidly addressed the pressing issues confronting the Forum in fulfilling its crucial mandate. Speaking during a courtesy visit to the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Kalu and Hon. Mustapha shed light on the challenges that demand urgent attention.

*Key Challenges and Priorities

1. **Agricultural Infrastructure: The Forum grapples with inadequate farming inputs and equipment, hindering the productivity of farmers across the region. Additionally, the lack of storage facilities and modern food processing machines poses a significant hurdle.

2. **Marketing Tools: To bolster agricultural trade, the Forum seeks modern marketing tools that can connect farmers with buyers efficiently.

3. **Logistics for Awareness Activities: Raising awareness about the Forum's initiatives requires robust logistical support. Hon. Mustapha emphasized the need for efficient transportation and communication channels.

4. **Social Welfare Programs: The Forum aims to extend its reach to vulnerable populations through palliative measures and relief materials. Their commitment to the social investment program underscores their dedication to equitable development.

5. **Economic Opportunities: The Forum advocates for contract patronage employment and appointment into boards and committees. These avenues empower citizens and contribute to regional growth.

*Endorsement of Rt. Hon. Benjamin Kalu

In a significant move, the Forum officially endorsed Rt. Hon. Benjamin Kalu as its patron. Hon. Kalu's unwavering support for the North and his commitment to addressing critical issues have earned him this distinction.

*Gratitude to the National Assembly

Hon. Mustapha expressed heartfelt gratitude to the leadership of the National Assembly. Their compassionate care for women, youth, and Orphans/Vulnerable children through government support is commendable. As the Forum continues its vital work, collaboration with legislative bodies remains essential.

The challenges may be formidable, but the Forum's determination to overcome them reflects its unwavering commitment to progress and prosperity for the North.

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