Kaduna State Pilgrims Agency's Visionary Leader Unveils Crucial Training for Hajj Guides"


Zakari Isah - Kaduna

In a groundbreaking initiative, the Executive Chairman of the Kaduna State Pilgrims Welfare Agency, Malam Salihu Abubakar, revealed the institution's annual 'Train the Trainer' meeting. The purpose was to equip those responsible for guiding intending pilgrims with the skills needed for a seamless Hajj experience.

Abubakar emphasized the training's focus on ensuring pilgrims adhere to Sharia provisions during the Hajj rites, emphasizing the importance of proper procedures for their journey from Nigeria to Jidda, Mecca, Madina, and beyond.

"This is one of the most crucial exercises we conduct at the agency," Abubakar affirmed.

**Crucial Guidance for Prospective Pilgrims**

Abubakar urged trainees to attentively absorb the teachings, encouraging them to seek clarification as needed. He reiterated the significance of conveying this knowledge to pilgrims, emphasizing that Hajj is not a pleasure trip but a pursuit of divine rewards, requiring preparation for unforeseen challenges.

Prof. Yahaya Mujahid Unveils Comprehensive Trainer Curriculum

Heading the 'Train the Trainer' initiative, Prof. Yahaya Mujahid shared insights into the program's structure, spanning the entire Hajj exercise from home to Mecca, Madina, and beyond. The Chairman highlighted the importance of enlightening pilgrims on conduct in Mecca, fostering respect and dignity for the state and Nigeria.

Mujahid anticipated that participants would emerge well-equipped and advised them to share their knowledge diligently, recognizing the diverse backgrounds of pilgrims.

"The training is key, ensuring each participant is carried along accordingly," Mujahid emphasized, underscoring the pivotal role these trainers play in shaping a harmonious and successful pilgrimage experience.

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