"Dr. Gagdi: A Unifying Force in PKK Politics" - News Panorama

Zakari Haruna - Kaduna 

In a political landscape marred by ethnic and religious divisions, Dr. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi, a member representing Pankshin, Kanam, and Kanke (PKK) constituency, has emerged as a breath of fresh air. His leadership has brought hope to a constituency once plagued by ethnic cleavages, religious suspicion, godfatherism, and mistrust.

Dr. Gagdi's commitment to combating these ills has been evident in his actions and pronouncements. He has bridged the gaps between ethnic and religious groups, guiding the constituency towards democratization. His efforts have led to a significant reduction in ethnic and religious tensions, creating a more harmonious political atmosphere.

One of his notable achievements is his ability to unite people across religious lines. He has appointed a Christian as his Senior Legislative aide and has ensured that Christians form the majority of his federal appointments. His personal aides and domestic workers are also predominantly Christians. This move has sent a strong message that religion is not a parameter for electioneering or delivering dividends of democracy.

Dr. Gagdi has also tackled the menace of godfatherism, which has deprived people of their fundamental human rights. He has ensured that politics is not just an enterprise for the wealthy but a civil engagement for the betterment of the masses.

In terms of infrastructure development, Dr. Gagdi has attracted over 20 physical projects to the constituency, securing permanent and pensionable jobs for over 284 constituents in his first tenure. In his second tenure, he has already secured over 245 pensionable jobs, a feat unprecedented in the history of the constituency.

Dr. Gagdi's commitment to accountability and transparency has also been remarkable. He has presented contract award papers to the public, showcasing his dedication to transparency and accountability.

His leadership has been marked by a strategic acumen that has wrong-footed opponents and a visionary approach that has set him apart as a leader. Dr. Gagdi's name is becoming synonymous with progress, and his administration remains firm and focused on delivering greater development to the people of PKK.

As the world stands still for those who take responsibilities, Dr. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi's name will be etched in history as a leader who brought hope and progress to PKK politics. Powered by VOGA Again 2027, Dr. Gagdi's administration is a beacon of hope for a better tomorrow.

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